What is the best dog bike basket to keep your dog safe?

What is the best dog bike basket to keep your dog safe?

Do you enjoy bike riding? Have you considered taking your dog along for the ride? If so, you'll need to to find the best dog bike basket to keep your dog safe and sound.

Dogs love getting out of the yard. Seeing and sniffing new sites and smells stimulate your dog's minds, which is just as important as exercising their little legs.

best dog basket for bike

There are a few ways that you can take your dog out on the bike with you. You can, of course, run them on the lead if safe to do so or use trailers on the back but today, I am going to look at baskets.

Comparison chart of the best dog bike baskets





Pets fit Basket




Pet Pilot




Solvit Tagalong




Snoozer Sporty




Snoozer Pet 




​There are many reasons that you may choose to use a bike basket for your dog. These may include:

  1. The trip is too far for your best furry friend
  2. Your dog is injured or has had an operation that prevents them from walking too far
  3. Your dog is getting older and need a little extra care
  4. Long distances and hard roads may hurt your dogs paws
  5. The road is too hot to walk on in summer
  6. But MOSTLY it's just cool and why not take your little mate everywhere with you. 

How to safely take your dog in a bike basket

When choosing the dog bike basket make sure that they have some basic safety features.  Here are five things to keep in mind when looking to buy a dog bike basket.

1. Stop them jumping out

Some dogs love to chase or bark at things going on around them. Ensure that the dog bike basket has a leash that you can attach to your dogs collar or harness.  

2. Stay away from moving bike parts

Dogs can be unpredictable and get very excited, make sure that your dog cannot get their fur, feet, tail or lead into any moving parts on the bike.

3. Attach them to the bike correctly

The last thing you want is for the basket to drop off mid traffic. Secure the basket to your bike well. Ensure that it is not going to loosen and fall off. Each basket will have different attachments so learn how to put the basket on correctly.

4. Keeping your dog out of the weather

Some dog bike baskets have hoods or covers that make your dogs trip more comfortable. A hood may even work to calm your dog down if he gets too excited.​

5. Keep your dog hydrated

Some baskets have compartments that you can store water and snacks for your dog. Even though your dog isn't pounding the pavement, if you are going for a long distance take a drink bottle to give your dog a drink or snack along the way.

9 ways to training your dog to ride in the bike basket

Riding around on the weekend with your dog is great fun. If you are worried about how your dog will travel in the bike basket, Eleanors Blog shows us  9 training tips to help keep your best friend safe and happy. 

1. Select a bike basket that is the correct size for your dog so that they can sit comfortably inside.

2. Add a blanket or pillow to the bottom of the basket for added comfort.

3. Tie your dog securely in the basket with a dog harness or leash. 

4. Walk the bike with your dog in the basket a few times before taking him for a real ride.

5. While walking, talk to your dog, pat and encourage them to sit and relax. 

6. Ride up and down the sidewalk for a few days letting your dog get used to the movement and turning motions. Keep your hand on them if necessary. Make the sessions short at first and gradually lengthen as your dog becomes more comfortable.

7. Find a bump or rough spot like you would normally encounter while riding and go over it repeatedly and constantly reassure your dog each time until you notice he is able to anticipate what is going to happen and seems to be more relaxed about it.

8. Try to anticipate things that might scare or excite your dog like riding near loud traffic, encountering large dogs, cats or squirrels and expose him to them while training rather that frighten your dog later.

9.Reward with treats and in no time you and pooch will ride safely and stylishly.

Which is the best dog bike basket for me?

Bike baskets are more suited to smaller, lighter dogs. The best dog bike basket will be secure to keep your dog safe and secure.

Yes, there are so many bike baskets to choose from so I have listed some the highest-rated and most popular baskets. Each basket is slightly different and will suit different dogs in different ways.  

Following is a list of  the best dog bike baskets available:

1. Petsfit Bike Basket

The Petsfit Bike Basket has really raised in the ranks in the last year and has now made our list of the best dog bike baskets.  It is designed for small dogs up to 10lb. 

best dog bike basket

Dimensions of this basket are 15.8"L x 12.8"W x 9.1"H. It has adjustable straps and is easy to install the basket onto the bike.   The basket comes flat packed for easy and more reasonable shipping.   

It is made from super strong Oxford material to last longer.  It has a removable and  machine washable inner seat, and includes a mesh pocket for water bottle & elastic mesh cover on top of the carrier to zip your dog in if required while ensuring ventilation for your dogs comfort. The inner leash clip with ensure your dog is safe.

Like all products make sure you have the right size. Measure your dog to ensure your dog will fit safely and comfortably. 

Check the size of your bike. You will need 12" from the handle bars to the tyre so that the basket can fit our front.

2. Pet Pilot Bike Basket

The newly re-designed Traveling K-9 Pet Pilot dog bike basket has come up with the some great reviews of the dog bike baskets. It is only ranked number 2 due to the higher price bracket however, if you can afford it, I would definitely have a look at this basket.  

best dog bike basket

It is the only one that comes in loads of colours to suit you well heeled dog. Choose from all the colors of the rainbow including dark and light blue, green, pink, yellow, grey, purple and orange.

The size is 14" x 9" opening at the top and is 8.5" deep. The floor is padded and sloped inward to about 12" x 7". There is a 2-point chrome attachment to the safety leash which attaches to your dogs harness . The new improved steel frame and attachments have a patented handlebar mount which is the key to this stability. You will need 11" between the handle bars and the tyre for the basket to fit..

The material is hard wearing, washable and has a cooling air flow through the front mesh air vent and reflective trim and handy pockets for keys and phones.

The only bad review on this basket is from someone who did not measure their bike for fit. Definitely not a problem with the basket.

3. Solvit Tagalong Pet Bicycle Basket

The Solvit Taggalong pet bicycle basket is super cute with its traditional look and is one of the most stylish pet carriers on the market. The rattan construction is high quality, durable and weather-resistant.  With the sunshade installed, the basket’s breathable construction keeps pets cool and comfortable. With the sunshade removed, pets can “cruise with the top down” on those relaxing, evening rides. The full faux-sheepskin liner cradles pets in comfort and it removes easily for washing. An adjustable safety leash keeps pets secure while riding.

best dog basket for bike
best dog basket for bike

A unique bracket system makes it easy to take the basket on and off a bicycle in seconds with just one hand. Three-way adjustability on the bracket allow for a good fit on any bicycle, without interfering with brake cables.

This carrier is really only suitable for very small and light dogs. The Tagalong holds pets up to 13 lbs. The inside dimensions of the basket are 15”L x 11”W x 9.5”H and it weighs 4 lbs. Solvit offers a lifetime warranty against defective materials and workmanship on this item.

4. Snoozer Sporty Bike Basket

Now you’re both riding in style. Clean, sporty look with easy installation and a durable polyester exterior that wipes clean and a removable inner pad. The Snoozer Sporty pet bike basket holds up to 15 lbs. Available in red/black/grey or orange/black/grey. US-patented product. 1 Year Limited Warranty.

best dog basket for bike
best dog basket for bike


  • Chin rests for pet’s comfort
  • Two side water bottle pockets
  • Removable rain cover with opening for dog’s head
  • 2 large zippered front pockets
  • Includes internal harness clip for keeping pet secured
  • Reflective accents for added safety

Dimensions for the Snoozer Sporty doggy basket are 10" high x 10" long and 10" high. Ensure you secure the basket well so that you dog is kept safe and sound.

5. Snoozer Pet Bicycle Basket

Bring your dog or pet along on a leisurely bike ride with the Snoozer Dog Bicycle Basket. This patented bike basket provides a safe and comfortable place for your dog to enjoy your company while you ride together. A mesh water bottle pocket gives you the perfect place to store some water for long rides.

best dog basket for bike
best dog basket for bike


  • Mesh water bottle holder and pockets for treats
  • Includes straps to attach carrier to bike handles
  • Includes internal harness clip for keeping pet secured
  • Rain cover with opening for pets head
  • Available in Grey or Pink
  • For pets up to 15 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 10″ H x 13″ W x 10″ D

Dog bike baskets are a fantastic ides for those with smaller dogs that want to get out and about with our dogs.  Why not pack a picnic, grab your dog and take a ride... Remember to be safe and give your dog time to get used to the basket but most of have fun on the road with your best furry friend.

And just for fun.. have you ever seen a cooler dog ...???

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