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Best Dog Carrier Backpack For Getting Your Dog Outdoors

There are may reasons that you may choose to use a doggy backpack.  Your dog maybe getting old and cannot  walk so well, a puppy that has not yet had their vaccinations, or you want to hike for a longer distance that your pup can bare. Hikes that travel over rough thorny ground or vast salt flats are also not suitable for walking your dog over.  If your dog needs a little extra help then read on to hear all about the best dog carrier backpack for getting your dog outdoors.

Best Dog Carrier Backpack

What To Look For In A Dog Backpack Carrier

Of course there are many dog carriers on the market and like everything some are a lot better than others. My big ticket items for a dog carrier backpack are:

Strong and Sturdy

You are carrying precious cargo in your backpack so choose a pack that is made form strong material and more importantly, is well constructed, stitched and had strong secure buckles and attachments.

The Weight Rating For Your Dog

Check the rating. Even if you think your dog will fit, don't put a heavier dog into a pack tat is only designed for lighter dogs. Some dogs are heavier than they look for their size like short stocky bulldogs will be a lot heavier that a small Maltese Shitzu. Know your dogs weight and grab a pack to suit.

Ventilation And Air Flow

Your carrier should have lots of air holes for ventilation and breathability. Even if your dog's head pokes out the top, ensure ventilation throughout the pack to prevent your dog from overheating and keep your dog comfortable.

Size and comfort

Your dog isn't a sleeping back and shouldn't be stuffed in to the backpack. Get one for a little extra room for your dog to joggle around and change position.s You will also want a pack that is comfortable for you. Padding straps and a one that sits well on your back will make all the difference on a long walk and will keep you coming back for more.

Dog carrying position

Although we talk about backpacks, there a variety of styles available for carrying your dog. Some allow your dog to lie down, sit up or hang with their legs outside the pack.  Some packs have your dog on your back or some have your dog carrying our front so you can see them.  The style you choose will often depend on what activities you intend to do. 

Best Dog Carrier Backpacks

Here is a list of the dog carrier backpacks and sacks that we think are the best for you andn your dog:

K9 Sport Sack AIR

This one really is a sport outdoorsy pack for you and your dog to enjoy the great outdoors. It is designs for small and medium dogs, sits on your back with your dog facing forward to see everything that is going on around them. The K9 Sports Sack Air is pretty cool option for country and city dwellers.

Best Dog Carrier Backpack

The sack is fully adjustable with additional storage areas for you and your dogs accessories. There are ventilated side panels, adjustable straps, a internal clip to stop your dog getting out of the pack. The pack is rated to 30lb or 13kg and I love the cool accessories available if your dog is a little on the stout or smaller size. A bolster block is available to get your dogs head a little higher in the pack to sniff all that fresh air. The size guide is quite comprehensive to give you an idea of which breeds of digs fit in each size.

Best Dog Carrier Backpack

This doggy sack carrier was designed under the close direction of veterinarians, dog trainers and outdoor product engineers to be ergonomic, safe and strong to ensure your dog is as safe, secure and comfortable as ever. Another cool accessory is a personalised name patch for your dog not to mention the doggy puffer jacket for warmer climates and comes in lots of cool colors. Really good option for the more adventurous hikes and perfect for bike riding.

Check out sizes and prices fo this cool K9 Doggy Sack

Ytonet Dog Carrier Backpack

I like the Ytonet Dog Backpack  because it is a little more structured ad secure than others in its class. A good supportive back and straps makes it comfortable for you and lots of ventilation and a nice wooly removable mat make it comfortable for your dog and easy to clean. Really strong construction, suitable materials and good zips make it nice and secure for the precious cargo.

Best Dog Carrier Backpack

This one is a little larger too and can hold dogs up to 18lb. Being quite square and structured in design there is a lot of room around your dog too. An internal clip keeps you r dog safely inside if you choose to have the top open so that your dog can poke their head outside and enjoy the views. It actually has four breathable mesh windows designed for visibility and air flow.

This carrier has small zippered pockets on the side for treats and gear and both the top and front have zippers to open up for easy access.

Best Dog Carrier Backpack

This dog carrier backpack is a really good option. Probably suitable for shorter or less active walks but i really like this pack.

Check out the options and pricing here

KURGO G-Train Dog Carrier Backpack

Anther great pack for more har core adventures. The Kurgo G-Train backpack make good outdoor products and this pack is no different. Well constructed and stitched with tough material and good padding. 

Best Dog Carrier Backpack

The backpack is lightweight, rugged and tough, and has softly padded compartments, top and front grab handles and zippered pockets for storage. It is airline approved with a water-resistant fabric top and a water proof bottom making it stain resistant, easy to wipe clean with removable, machine-washable interior pad. 

I don't think there is enough airflow in this pack for warm or hot climates but it is a great option for cooler areas and is very comfy and strong.

Best Dog Carrier Backpack

More details and pricing on the Kurgo pack here:

Whizzotech Pet Carrier Backpack

Now for the smaller cutie city dogs, this Whizzotech fashion backpack is proving really popular. Your dogs legs and tail hangs outside the pack while sitting comfortably inside. The pack can sit on your back or front depending on how you want your dog to be placed. It comes in small medium and large but all are only suited to smaller dogs from 5lb - 8lb.

Best Dog Carrier Backpack

It has easy-access side zips, velcro elastic top closure, fully adjustable straps and internal leash attachment for good access and security. This front pack or backpack also comes in really cute colors.  

Best Dog Carrier Backpack

Due to the construction and styling I would only  recommend using the pack for short city visits or commuting.  Great idea pack and really cute but always make sure your dogs legs are not being impinged or restricted while hanging.

Check out colors and pricing here

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