The Best Dog Collars On The Market 2017

The Best Dog Collars On The Market 2017

Best Dog Collars

Many of spend a lot of time finding the right dog collar for our best friend. Important factors may be the size, colour and material.

A dog collar can be a statement of your own style, your dog's size, breed or sex. For example s little princess pooch may have a diamante collar while a big tough bull dog may have a leather studded number.

Why does my dog need a collar?

Besides being a fashion statement, did you know that in many countries, including the US, it is a legal requirements for dogs to wear a collar and tags. 

A collar and tags is also incredibly important if your dog happens to get lost or frightened and run away. This is particularly common during storms and fireworks. 

  • Dog's name
  • Your phone number
  • ​The registration tag from your local town or shire.

Information to have on your dogs' collar tags includes:

I always have two phone numbers on my dog's tag just in case I am away or out of phone range. I also have a spare tag with my dog sitter's number if I am away on holidays and my dog is staying with friends or family.

What is the best type of dog collars

This is a tough one and different dogs may required different collars.​

Regular collar​

Most collars tend to be a flat style collar with buckle. These can be made from webbing, slackline, leather or nylon. They usually have a plastic quick release buckle and d-ring for attaching tags.

Martindale Collar

A martindale is a type of dog collar that provides more control over your dog without the choking effect of a slip collar.

Martingale dog collars are also known as greyhound, whippet or humane choke collars. The martingale dog collar was designed for these dogs because their necks are larger than their heads and they can often slip out of buckle collars. This collar is quite popular with many trainers instead of choke chains.

Choke Chains

Choke collars are made of metal links which are designed to tightening around your dog's neck to control your dog. 

Unlike the martingale collar, is is possible to choke your dog and may cause injuries to the trachea and esophagus, injuries to blood vessels in the eyes, neck sprains, nerve damage, fainting, transient paralysis, and even death if not used correctly.

Pinch Collar / Prong Collar

This collar is similar to a Martindale collar but it has metal prongs on the inside to pinch your dogs neck​ when pulled tight.

I am not a fan of this collar and prefer alternative training methods and more humane collars.​

Shock collars​

A shock collar has small metal contact points that touch your dogs skin to give your dog a sensatation that may range from a small buzz to a more intense electric shock.

These collars can be used as a training tool, bark reduction method or as a yard containment device. These collars are some what controversial and should not be used 100% of the time. 

Best Dog Collars

What are the Best Dog Collars for 2017

Depending on your style and your dog's needs, here are the top picks for the best dog collars on the market in 2017:

​1. Ruffwear Hoopie Collar

Best Dog Collars

This is my favourite collar, the Ruffwear Hoopie Collar. I have had three of them. Not because they have worn out, just because I have wanted to buy different colors. My favourite features of this collar includes the super strong webbing is super cool colors. The anodised aluminium d-ring which NEVER rusts and looks as good as the day i bought it. There is also a a plastic tag ring with a silicon disc that can separate tags so that you will never have jingling tags again. It comes in various sizes and colors.

Although this one isn't specifically designed to be waterproof, my dog wears this collar swimming at the beach all the time. It has seriously not degraded at all, the aluminium d-ring is as good as the day I bought the collar. We have three of these collars,  so when I get home, I leave the collar out to dry and use his spare.

>> Check out prices for the Ruffwear Hoopie collar on Amazon

2. LED Glow in the Dark Dog Collar

Best Dog Collars

Not only is this collar comfortable, The LED Glow In The Dark Dog Collar will save your dog's life.​ If you walk your dog at night, then this may be the collar for you. 

This dog collar's winning feature is that it is rechargable with USB making it super quick and easy. It will illuminate for 5 hours after 1 hours charge.  It also has a huge size range from XX-small to X-large.

Have peace of mind knowing that this collar as it comes with a lifetime guarantee. On a side note this collar comes with a matching LED leash which looks super cool at night.

>> Check out prices for the LED Glow In The Dark dog collar on Amazon​

3. Ruffwear Chain Reaction Collar

Best Dog Collars

The Ruffwear Chain Reaction Collar is a martingale-style collar which is used for training and control. It is made from tough webbing fabric and incorporates the short section of stainless steel chain. This martindale-style collar provides limited correction with an audible cue, making it a great training tool. This collar does include a chain attachment option for use as a standard collar.

The Chain Reaction collar has even been used by larger dogs with no problems. The webbing makes it light weight but effective.  It feature an anodised aluminum d-ring and silicone disc to stop jingling tags and has a small reflective stripe along the webbing.

It's hard to go past Ruffwear for quality and this one is no different.​

>> Check our prices for the Ruffwear Chain Reaction dog collar​ on Amazon

4. Warner Brand Cumberland Leather Dog Collar

Best Dog Collars

This Cumberland natural leather dog collar with personalised brass plate rivets is super stylish.​ I love this collar for the man's man of dogs!! 

This collar is designed for small to medium sized dogs and comes in black, tan and dark brown with a personalised engraved brass plate and nickel plated hardwear.  This collar is made in the USA using genuine leather which will soften over time to only get better and better. Super strong, super stylish, this is a great choice for good looking dogs.

>> Check out prices for the natural leather Cumberland dog collar on Amazon​

5. Blueberry Bright Designer Dog Collars

Best Dog Collars

How can a beautiful bright collar not make you feel happy. The Blueberry Bright dog collar is a friendly colored collar made with quality webbing. This collar is suitable for both small and larger dogs. The bright colours will look great against your dog's fur and although very strong it also makes a great fashion statement.

Made from high quality dense webbing material, metal d-ring and bright eco friendly plastic buckles. Don't forget to get the matching leash with this one as they make a fantastic combo. You will definitely be getting comments when you walk down the street.

>> Check out prices for the Blueberry Bright dog collar on Amazon​

6. Pet Tech Dog Training Collar

Best Dog Collars

​This is the best dog training collar on the market at the moment. The Pet Tech remote controlled dog training e-collar is rechargeable, waterproof, suitable for all sizes dogs and has a huge 1200 ft range.  The rapid charge and long life battery are also nice additional features.

Remote control collars are used to help correct barking, walking, leash training, aggression, and other behavioral issues. This dog training collar has 4 modes including light, vibration, tone (beep) mode and shock setting.  

Shock settings are not preferred and should only be used in emergency situations. Shocking your dog is not a suitable form of positive behavioral training​ and may even harm or traumatise your dog. We recommend the vibration setting when using this collar.

>> Check out prices for the Pet Tech E-collar on Amazon​

7. Kurgo Muck Waterproof Dog Collar

Best Dog Collars

​If you have an outdoor adventure dog, then the Kurgo Muck collar will be perfect for you. The collar is waterproof and will not absorb bacteria, dirt and moisture. The collar is easy to clean and remains odor-free. Not sure if you have noticed but this collar comes with an inbuilt bottle opener for those big days on the run.  Now that's got to be a great collar.

The muck collar is a plastic look collar but looks smart on and is very durable, quite soft and does not catch your dogs fur.  The collar hard wear, including the bottle opener is very strong and long lasting.

From many buyer reviews, the collar seem to be remaining in good condition and lasting long term. Some buyers have mentioned that it tends to look a bit odd on smaller dogs, but defiantly great for medium to large robust and outdoorsy dogs.

>> Check out prices for the Kurgo Much dog collar on Amazon​

8. Reopet Bling Dog Collar

Best Dog Collars

​What about some bling for your spoilt dog? This beautifully designed Reopet Bling dog collar for smaller dogs has rows of sparkly rhinestones. Just what your dog needs to look good, feel great and be the best in any show.

The collar is more suitable for small dogs. It is light weight and doesn't seem to bother the dogs or get in the way.  Even though it is soft and light weight it seems durable but more suitable for inside dogs that are looking for a little bit of sparkle.  The rhinestones are attached well to stay in place.​

>>Check out prices for the ReoPet Bling dog collar on Amazon​

8. Large Dog Luxury Leather Collar

Best Dog Collars

Here is the best luxury leather dog collar for larger dogs. Genuine naturally tanned quality leather and solid brass fittings and hardware. This collar has a soft internal padding for your dog's comfort.

The collar is 1.75" in width and is made for larger dogs like Mastiffs, Great Danes and Rottweilers. The large D-ring is super strong for your leash attachment. This collar will make your large dog look the part and stand the test of time.

This collar gets the most amazing and positive reviews with comments on the incredible workmanship and quality that this collar ​has. This is definitely suitable for very strong and large dogs but it still has a soft inner that offers comfort to dogs that wear this collar.

>> Check out the prices for this Luxury Leather dog collar on Amazon​

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