Best dog ladder for boats that actually works

Finally, a unique and anatomically appropriate doggy ladder that really works.

It is difficult for dogs to get out of the water and into boats or onto jettys and docks because, well let's face it, they are dogs. They don't walk on two feet, they don't have hands to keep them stable and they don't have opposable thumbs to grip handrails and gunwales.

So what the answer?

Unique design doggy ladder

The Dog on Water Ramp is a unique and original patented design that every boat owner and their dog will want to get.

The ramp is an inflatable and independently floating water ramp for dogs. Not only is it perfect for boats, it can be used in swimming pools, dock, jettys or anywhere that dog can play in the water and have trouble getting themselves out. 

It is constructed of sturdy and long lasting materials that are gentle on dog’s paws, joints and muscles.

What I just love about this ramp is that it is designed around how the dog moves and climbs. The ramp is intuitive to dogs. Unlike us, who can lift ourselves out of the water using the strength and dexterity in our hands and arms, dogs can't. This ramp allows your dog to swim into the ramp, then use their hind legs to launch themselves out of the water.

dog ladder for boats

The ramp is easy it is to set up and can attach to all types of boats, docks, hunting blinds, property bulkheads, and other structures. Perfect also as a pet safety/escape route from swimming pools. It’s inflatable and floats independently from whatever it’s attached to.

Best dog ladder for boats

Safety in the water

If you spend time with our dog in and around the water, you will notice how difficult it is for dogs to get back onto boats, boards or docks. Dogs will try to paw at the boat and often start to bob up and down and lose flotation. They can easily panic and drown if not helped back to safety.

Your dog can use the ramp as a resting place between swims and games of water fetch. Dogs love their newly found independence and having a convenient place outside of the boat to shake off, sit and rest. 

In addition to a safety ramp, I highly recommend having a doggy life jacket for you dog while in the water. You can read more about dog life jackets here.

Doggy demonstration

See below how safe and easy the Dog on Water Ramp is and why it really is the best dog ladder for boats.

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