Best glow in the dark collar and leash

Taking our dogs out walking at night comes with all sorts of dangers.  There are many cases of dogs being hit by cars or bike as dogs can be extrmely hard to see at night, especially if yours is a black or dark coloured dog.

You may wish to make your dog more visible at night.  Some options include reflective stripes or flashing beacons attached to your dog’s collar. My favourite though is a good glow in the dark, LED powered collars and leashes.  

So what make the best glow in the dark collar and leash?

Best glow in the dark collar and leash

Why use a glow in the dark collar

Even though a glow in the dark LED collar is a pretty cool fashion accessory, the purpose is most definitely about your dog’s safety.

There are load of times that a glow in the dark collar would come in handy and make seeing your dog easier.

  1. Walking at night
  2. When your dog gets loose and is on the run
  3. When you are passing other pedestrians and cyclists
  4. Crossing roads at night
  5. Your dog sits under the table at your local cafe
  6. Camping or hiking

Many of us take our dogs out after dark. Perhaps because you get home from work late or have to wait until it is cooler outside to walk your dog. Unfortunately when it dark out, your pets can be harder to see.

What make a good quality glow in the dark collar

  1. Quality
  2. Durability
  3. Strength
  4. Water resistance
  5. Long battery life

What is the best glow in the dark collar and leash?

There are many glow in the dark collars and leashes on the market today, many of them being cheap copies.  In my opinion, the Squeaker Poochlight is the one for me and it's all about quality!!.

Best glow in the dark collar and leash

Features of the Poochlight LED collar and leash

  1. Superior components

  2. Good Light distribution, over the length of the collar and leash

  3. Rechargeable batteries via USB

  4. Quick charge in 1 hour with charge indicator

  5. Dual pairs of LED lights for consistent colour and illumination

  6. Dual optical fibre strips for greater illumination, visibility, flexibility and comfort.

  7. High output LED for ultra bright illumination

  8. Splash proof and hard wearing material

  9. Insulated wiring for extra protection from breakage

Best glow in the dark collar and leash

Water resistant Squeaker Poochlight

Your dog can roll around in mud or splash around in puddles all day long and the Poochlight will take what you can give it. The Squeaker team have tested their products under running water but don't recommend or guarantee that the product is water proof meaning don't submerge the product in water as the units are not pressure sealed. Make sure the USB plug is dry and free of moisture before charging.

Rechargable Poochlight

Poochlight has rechargeable batteries and comes with a USB charging cable that you can plug into any standard USB plug. Generally, it takes 45 mins to 1 hour to charge. During that time, the Poochlight product will have a soft glow indicating charging is in progress. Once the charge is complete the collar will turn off and you now have 10 hours of full strength (usable) light after which time the light will start to dim or the Poochlight will switch off. 10 hours is our conservative figure as they have had the products last for over 48 hours during extensive all-weather testing.

Best glow in the dark collar and leash

Who is Squeaker?

With origins in Australia and offices in Melbourne and Los Angeles, the Squeaker team are serious about dog safety. Their mission is to challenge the way people view pet products and their approach to pet safety through technology and fun.

Best glow in the dark collar and leash

Squeaker Poochlight is now selling worldwide and has been sold in over 30 countries along with rave reviews from Australia’s best VET’s and the world's most renowned blogs and news outlets. All of our products are designed and tested in Australia and built to withstand the tough Aussie conditions.

Ethical Squeaker

Another reason that I am a fan of the Squeaker, besides being Australian, is their ethics.  It is their policy to never to pay for endorsements, testimonials or product reviews. Everything that is published about the Squeaker brand and our Poochlight products are completely unbiased and the editors bloggers and customers receive no payment. 

Have you tried the Poochlight? We'd love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

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