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Best Natural Dog Shampoo for Pampered Pooches

Are you looking for a shampoo for your dog that isn't full of chemicals and harsh products? Are you looking for an organic, natural, high-quality Pet Shampoo that does not burn, sting or itch your pets skin after a bath?

Well, I have found it!​

Best Natural Dog Shampoo for Pampers Pooches

Lately, I have been on the search for a new shampoo that smells nice, works well but most of all, made from natural ingredients and isn't harsh on my dog's skin.

During my search, I came across a shampoo that I am really impressed with. Not only because of their great product but their approach to animal health and welfare. It is a product called Odie and Cody. That's them on the right (so cute)! 

Best Natural Dog Shampoo for Pampers Pooches

Odie and Cody is a small family run business that was started out of a need to provide our pets with the most natural and unprocessed ingredients possible. They pride themselves on creating premium products that do no harm to your beloved pets and keep our planet happy.

They work with local suppliers that source organic, natural materials and create products in small batches.

Best Natural Dog Shampoo for Pampers Pooches

Sales of Odie and Cody products allows them to donate a generous portion of their profits to non-profits dedicated to animal welfare. It's their way of allowing your pets (you're buying our products for them) to give to other animals that are not as lucky as they are.

Odie and Cody Natural Dog Shampoo

Odie and Cody has NO chemicals, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, sulfates, alcohol, synthetic ingredients or any other harmful ingredient that could be absorbed into your beloved pet’s skin.

Best Natural Dog Shampoo

Formulated to maximize moisturizing properties and to soothe your pet's dry skin using only pure, fresh, quality ingredients. These natural ingredients are formulated to deodorize your pets coat and eliminate any lingering pet smells. Because we use premium natural ingredients, with no cheap synthetic fillers, our shampoo is highly concentrated.

Our commitment is to make healthy products that are both kind to your pet and kind to our earth. Our ingredients are made from organic oils, organic aloe vera, essential oils and rosemary extract (our preservative.) We use recycled materials for our bottles and packaging. Our exterior box is made of recycled paper and post-consumer waste.

Our certified organic and 100% natural ingredients make our shampoo safe for adult and baby pets, is hypoallergenic for pets with allergies and is gentle yet effective on your pet's skin.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Try us risk-free. Love it or we'll send your money right back. We are confident in the quality of our product with a full disclosure of all ingredients, organic certification and gentle, soothing, moisturizing quality of the shampoo.

Give it a try for your pets sake.​

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