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Top Tips to Mountain Bike With Dogs

Mountain Bike With Dogs

Do you have an energetic dog that needs lots of exercise, or are looking for a way to spend more time.. and wear out… with your athletic dog. I might just have a solution for you. Mountain Biking… with your dog!! Mountain biking is the extremely popular sport these day. Mountain bikes are specially designed to enhance […]

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Does a service dog have to wear a service dog vest?

service dog vest for sale

A service dog or assistance dog is specially trained to help people who have disabilities. These disabilities may include visual impairment, hearing impairments, mental illnesses including post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), seizure disorder, mobility impairment, or diabetes. For a dog to be a service dog it generally requires a good temperament and health. Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, […]

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What is the best car seat cover for dogs

best car seat cover for dogs

​At The Dog Effect, we love promoting way to get your dog out of house or back yard and go on adventures together. That may mean hiking or paddle boarding or taking your dog on holidays with you. Depending on where you live, you will undoubtedly need to drive to your destination much of the time. My […]

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Best Harness For Small Dogs

Best Harness For Small Dogs

There is always a debate over whether to use a dog collar or a dog harness.  Sometimes this may be a personal choice but there are some good reasons behind choosing one over the other.  Especially if you have a small dog. Read on to find out why you should use a harness and what is […]

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How These Amazing Dogs Could Save Your Life

dog could save your life

We all know how amazing dogs are and how they can make a positive impact on our lives. Now dogs could save your life by detecting serious illnesses like cancer early enough to give the best possible chance of survival.You probably have heard about detection dogs. Detection dogs are trained to use its sense of smell to […]

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Top 10 Adventure Dogs on Instagram

adventure dogs

Having a dog in the family adds so much to our lives. Not only do they give us love and companionship, the can provide endless amounts of fun and adventure.Here are 10 Instagram adventure dogs who have families taking dog ownership to the extreme. 1. Kona @west_coast_heeler-pack A photo posted by Kona and Cali (@west_coast_heeler_pack) on […]

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Best dog GPS tracker to find your lost dog

Best dog GPS tracker

I have recently become a little obsessed with Gobi, the incrediable little dog that followed an Australian ultra-marathon runner, Dion Leonard,  across the Gobi Desert.  Dion decided to adopt Gobi and take her to his new home in Scotland.Tragically while Dion was in Scotland waiting for Gobi to spend time in quarantine, Gobi ran away and was […]

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The best interactive toy for playful and curious dogs

best toy for playful and curious dogs

One of the main stressors for many dogs is idle and lonely time at home.  Dogs need and deserve exercise, stimulating interaction and a dose of fun each day.Dogs without this will develop behavioral problems and become destructive and annoying.   If you have an inquisitive and playful dog, you will need to keep his brain active and occupiedBoredom and […]

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Best Gear For Running With Dogs

Best gear for running with dogs

Do you have an active dog that needs lots of attention and exercise? Many working dog breeds, terriers and some younger dogs have bounds of energy. If you don’t give them an outlet to release their energy you may find that they become destructive and naughty. What better way to give you and your dog […]

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