Get the best gear for running with dogs

Best gear for running with dogs

Do you have an active dog that needs lots of attention and exercise? Many working dog breeds, terriers and some younger dogs have bounds of energy. If you don’t give them an outlet to release their energy you may find that they become destructive and naughty. What better way to give you and your dog […]

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How to prevent heat stroke in dogs

prevent heat stroke in dogs

Heat stroke is a very serious condition for dogs. They can suffer severe organ damage or death. Learning how to prevent heat stroke in dogs is vital to keeping your dog happy and safe in the hot summer months. We hear it all too often, dogs suffering and dying in hot cars. Would you believe […]

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Can human food stop cancer in dogs?

stop cancer in dogs

Do you believe that diet and nutrition is an important factor to your dog’s health?There is so much information available nowadays about health and nutrition and how to stop cancer in humans. Why not the same for our dogs?​I have had some doggy friends die of cancer lately which has sent me looking for information […]

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What will your dog look like when it’s older?

What will your dog look like when it's older?

Dogs have an incredible effect on our lives in so many ways. They are our best friends, our trusted worker mates, our treasured companions, and for some, a real lifeline. I call it “The Dog Effect”. After my recent article on the touching story of Chad and Otis, I discovered a beautiful book by talented photographer Amanda […]

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Help, my dog has eye boogers?

Your dog’s eyes are a very specialized sensory organs and is therefore highly sensitive to trauma, infection and disease. Dogs can’t tell us when they are suffering irritation or pain in their eyes, the eye is an often overlooked area of trouble. Many dog owners fail to notice eye trouble until it is so advanced that […]

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Best dog ladder for boats that actually works

dog ladder for boats

Finally, a unique and anatomically appropriate doggy ladder that really works.It is difficult for dogs to get out of the water and into boats or onto jettys and docks because, well let’s face it, they are dogs. They don’t walk on two feet, they don’t have hands to keep them stable and they don’t have opposable […]

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12 Tips to boating safely with dogs

Boating Safely with Dogs

There is nothing better than being out on the water with a cool breeze blowing in your face and the smell of the fresh salt air. Whether you are boating in calm protected waters or sailing the wild open oceans, it’s a great way to spend time with friend and family.There’s one family member that […]

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Best way to treat dog paw pad injury

dog paw pad injury

Your dog’s paws are an extremely important to them, therefore it is really important that we help our dogs treat and prevent dog paw pad injury.When your dog has a sore paw through injuries or illness, your dog will find it extremely frustrating, annoying and sometimes quite debilitating.I will start by giving you a run down on […]

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Health benefits of coconut oil for dogs

Health benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs

Coconut oil is becoming extremely popular among health enthusiasts and is fast becoming a mainstream holistic health product. We are starting to see the health benefits of coconut oil for dogs too. Many have found coconut oil to be useful for a multitude of ailments and health improvements including:​Fat burningReduce hungerAntibacterial and antifungalSkin and hair […]

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How to manage incontinence in dogs

How to manage incontinence in dogs

Incontinence can happen in dogs just as it does for us humans. It is the inability for your dog to control his bladder and has uncontrolled leaking of urine. Generally small amounts of urine may leak while tyour dog is resting or sleeping but can sometimes be much worse. What causes urinary incontinence in dogs?Incontinence is […]

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