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Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken

Maybe I shouldn’t let my dog stand in the  kitchen drooling while I chop up dinner, but I do love having him around. I also like to put some some small pieces of raw food, both meat and veg in his bowl after prep is done. I feel that I am giving him some variation […]


Can Dogs Eat Black Olives

Many of us love black olives especially on a nice juicy slice of pizza…  My dog drools at the sight of pizza, if yours does be sure the toppings are safe for your dog before you give him a taste. The topping that I will talk about today is black olives. Can dogs eat black […]


Can Dogs Eat Bell Peppers

Many of us love the crunchy goodness of bell peppers…  or capsicums in Australia. I always think my dog would love a crunch pepper, but can dogs eat bell peppers? Read on to find out. Most dogs do love crunchy vegetables, my dog’s favorite are carrots and broccoli.  Dogs have quite a bland diet and their stomachs […]


Can Dogs Eat Beef Jerky

For most of us, beef jerky really is delicious, particularly when it is marinated in soy, chilli and spices.  You may thing this is a great snack for your dog but can dogs eat beef jerky? Read on to find out. But… dogs generally have quite a bland diet and their stomachs don’t do too well with […]


Can Dogs Eat Edamame Beans

For those who love japanese food, you may be familiar with Edamame beans. The bright green pod filled with delicious beans, generally steamed and served covered in salt. Unlike the first time I had  edamame, you don’t eat the pod, rather just squeeze the bean into your mouth. What are edamame beans?Edamame are a young soy bean, […]

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