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What Makes The Best Dog Treats and Why

Dog treats are treats and just that. Dog treats should be used to reinforcement positive behavior. Using a delicious dog treat rewards your dog for good behavior and is a little expression of love that your dog has done the right thing.  It is a critical part of dog training. In fact, treats can actually be anything […]


7 Must Have Items To Groom Your Dog

Dog grooming is considered to be an art and it takes a lot of practice to master all the skills required to make a dog shine.  Sending your dog off to the groomer can be very expensive. So why not give it a try yourself at home . After some practice, you’ll have the results you […]


9 Ways To Entertain A Bored Dog While You’re At Work

I wish I could just stay at home and hang out with my dog all day.   Unfortunately, the boss doesn’t seem to like it very much most of us inevitably have to leave our dogs at home by themselves while we go to work. It’s not all such a bad thing. Dogs need their alone time […]


How Can I Stop My Dog Eating So Fast

I recently posted on our Facebook page this photo by @ohmydoggies and was surprised at the amount of interest.  I have never had to worry about my dog, Tiger,  eating too fast or gulping down his food. Tiger is a grazer and can have biscuits in his bowl all day. He often comes down at […]


See how these amazing dogs could save your life

We all know how amazing dogs are and how they can make a positive impact on our lives. Now dogs are being used to save lives by detecting serious illnesses like cancer early enough to give the best possible chance of survival. You probably have heard about detection dogs. Detection dogs are trained to use […]


Ever wondered why you shouldn’t use human shampoo on dogs?

I have heard this many times ” Don’t use human shampoo on your dog”.  Ever wondered why? Yep me too. This is what I found:Human shampoo is designed with a pH similar to human skin. This helps to prevent our skin drying out and potentially developing skin conditions and infections. The problem with using human […]


Best Natural Dog Shampoo for Pampered Pooches

Are you looking for a shampoo for your dog that isn’t full of chemicals and harsh products? Are you looking for an organic, natural, high-quality Pet Shampoo that does not burn, sting or itch your pets skin after a bath?Well, I have found it!​ Lately, I have been on the search for a new shampoo […]


How to prevent heat stroke in dogs

Heat stroke is a very serious condition for dogs. They can suffer severe organ damage or death. Learning how to prevent heat stroke in dogs is vital to keeping your dog happy and safe in the hot summer months. We hear it all too often, dogs suffering and dying in hot cars. Would you believe […]


Can human food stop cancer in dogs?

Do you believe that diet and nutrition is an important factor to your dog’s health?There is so much information available nowadays about health and nutrition and how to stop cancer in humans. Why not the same for our dogs?​I have had some doggy friends die of cancer lately which has sent me looking for information […]


Learn how to do CPR on a dog before you really need it

I have recently been taking doggy first aid lessons after hearing several tragic and heartbreaking stories. I realising that I don’t know what to do if my dog was severely injured or fighting for his life. Having this important knowledge can save your dog’s life in that tragic event. So I felt it important to share as […]


Help, my dog has eye boogers?

Your dog’s eyes are a very specialized sensory organs and is therefore highly sensitive to trauma, infection and disease. Dogs can’t tell us when they are suffering irritation or pain in their eyes, the eye is an often overlooked area of trouble. Many dog owners fail to notice eye trouble until it is so advanced that […]


The amazing natural joint support, DPG for dogs

Does your dog has any joint stiffness problems or issues with mobility? Are you are looking for a safe and healthy remedy that is 100% natural?  Then consider giving your dog a supplement called DPG for dogs. DGP for dogs is an herbal supplement that has proven to be extremely effective in helping dogs with […]


Best way to treat dog paw pad injury

Your dog’s paws are an extremely important to him, therefore it is really important that we help our dogs treat and prevent dog paw pad injury.When your dog has a sore paw through injuries or illness, your dog will find it extremely frustrating, annoying and sometimes quite debilitating.I will start by giving you a run down on […]


The Amazing Health Benefits Of Turmeric For Dogs

In addition to being a popular spice across the world, it is fast becoming popular as an alternate treatment for diverse medical conditions. Now, many of us are using turmeric to treat various conditions in our dogs. Here is a detailed look at the health benefits of turmeric for dogs.What Is Turmeric?Turmeric, also known as […]


Health benefits of coconut oil for dogs

Coconut oil is becoming extremely popular among health enthusiasts and is fast becoming a mainstream holistic health product. We are starting to see the health benefits of coconut oil for dogs too. Many have found coconut oil to be useful for a multitude of ailments and health improvements including:​Fat burningReduce hungerAntibacterial and antifungalSkin and hair […]


How to manage incontinence in dogs

Incontinence can happen in dogs just as it does for us humans. It is the inability for your dog to control his bladder and has uncontrolled leaking of urine. Generally small amounts of urine may leak while tyour dog is resting or sleeping but can sometimes be much worse. What causes urinary incontinence in dogs?Incontinence is […]


What is the best dog food for older dogs?

As my dogs ages, I want to make sure that I give him the best care that I can. Because nutrition is key to my dogs health I went looking for information about ageing dogs and what the best dog food for an older dog is. Heres what I found.When is my dog old?We generally consider dog […]


How to remove tartar from dogs teeth

Are you worried about your dogs teeth and dental health? Is plaque and tarter building up on your dogs teeth?Statistics suggest that over 80% of dogs have some degree of dental disease by the time they are 3 years old.  Having a look at your dog’s teeth and regularly vet check up is only one way […]


How to treat dogs with worms at home?

A worm infestation can make your dog very unhappy and in some cases, like heartworm, can even cause death. It is very important to know how to treat dogs with worms at home to ensure they are well looked after and stay happy and healthy.Dogs are a great place for worms to hang out and […]


How to stop my dog from eating poop

Is your dog eating his own poop in the backyard or digging up poop on their walk? My friend’s dog used to eat cat poop while sniffing in gardens. Before you knew it she was chomping on poop and the last thing you want to do was dig it out of her mouth… OK enough of that.Why […]

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