Help! I Need A Chew Proof Dog Bed

Chew Proof Dog Bed

Are you fed up with buying your dog a new bed, time after time. Are you at the point of saying he can just sleep on the floor?

Desperately need a chew proof dog bed?

Do Dogs Need A Bed?

Although some dogs do seem to sleep everywhere and anywhere, it is important for dogs to have their own bed for these reasons:

Comfort and Security​

One of the most important items that your dog needs is a safe and comfortable place to safe and security. A dog bed is a place where you dog can feel at home, part of the family and be able to relax.

Protect The Furniture​

A dedicated dog bed will save the household beds and furniture from dog hair and slobber.  Making it much easier to clean and keep your house tidy.

Doggy Health​

A good dog bed will provide your dog with a comfortable place to sleep. It should cushion your dog’s bones and joints which will become even more important as your dog gets older. 

Chew Proof Dog Bed

Why do dog's chew?

Chewing is a really important part of being a dog. There are many reasons a dog chews, mostly as a puppy when their teeth are coming through but for many of the reasons outlined below:


Puppies are extremely playful and investigative. It is an important part of social development and learn about their environment. It is a normal behavior for puppies to investigate their environment by sniffing, tasting and chewing.


Puppies are around 2 months old when their puppy teeth start coming in. Then between 4-6 months when their milk teeth fall out and are replaced by the adult teeth. This is the start of the destructive stage. Puppies will chew to help their teeth go through this process and to help relieve sore teeth and gums.


Some dogs may chew because they receive attention, even negative attention, when they chew. You may be inadvertently rewarding the behavior when you give them treats, talk or yell at them in order to get them to stop chewing.


Chewing and destructive behavior may also be a response to anxiety. Dogs that are confined in areas where they feel insecure may dig and chew in an attempt to escape. Dogs that are anxious may turn to chewing as an outlet to relieve tension or anxiety.

Dental health

It is important to a dogs health to keep their teeth, guns and mouths clean. Just as we brush our teeth, dogs chew to keep their teeth clean.


As your puppy grows up, 6 - 12 months, they start to following their instincts. They begin to try hunting for food, protecting their families and themselves.

Exercises jaw muscles

Just as we run or go to the gym, dogs chew to exercise their jaws. Chewing can last for months, even years, and increasing regular and physical exercise can help to redirect the need to chew and be destructive.


A lonely or bored dog will be more destructive and chew for longer periods of time. Dogs are looking for ways to occupy their time and are finding things to do.


Your dog will want to practice chewing. If he doesn't have an appropriate item to chew on, he will use what ever he can find.


Dogs will look for something that smells good, tastes delicious and feels good in their mouth, they will want to come back for more.


Dogs can develop obsessive chewing disorders . When we allow our dogs' habits to progress to the point of obsession we are creating a very frustrated, unhappy dog.

If you can address the underlying issue, you may be able to tackle the bed chewing behaviour. Way to distract your dog from chewing include tough chew toys, food reward toys, music or TV on in the background, mind games, lost of exercise and training. 

>> Read more about destructive chewing 

What makes a good dog bed?

All dogs sleep differently and like different things in a dog bed, but some of the important features to look for include:


Your dog will spend a lot of time in their bed and it is good to know how easy it is to clean. Your dog bring in dirt, leaves and sticks but all sorts of smells, fur and potentially fleas.

An outdoor bed is generally made from a more robust material like shade cloth, canvas or similar thick material. These can be cleaned outside with a stiff brush, detergent and the garden hose. If you have a soft bed topper or cushion consider getting an cushion cover that you can easily put in the washing machine to keep clean. Many inner cushions can also be put in the washing machine too.

After washing hang the dog bed out to dry completely. If left damp it will just maintain that wet doggy smell that you are trying to get rid of. If you live in a nice sunny location, there is nothing like natural sunlight to dry your dog bed and make it fresh and clean for your pooch.

Cushion and insulation

We all like a nice comfy bed so why wouldn't your dog. Find a dog bed that has a nice cushion for your dog. This is particularly important for older dogs who may be suffering from arthritis or are just starting to get tired and weary. A good cushion will also provide insulation from harsh temperatures. If you dog sleeps outside the insulation will provide protection from cold or hot ground. I like a bed that has the filling stitched into place, like quilting, as this stops the filling from bunching up on one side and reducing the cushioning effect fro my dog.


Although many dogs like to sleep curled up and cosy on cold winter night, dogs also need to be able to stretch out to get comfortable or to cool down if it gets hot.

Before buying a dog bed, measure your dog stretched out to get the right size. I thought I have bought a bed that was too large last time but turned out to be just right. My dog loves to stretch out, get comfy. As a general rule, measure your dog stretched out and add 6 - 12 inches to get the correct size.


The old saying, you get what you pay for is often true and although you don’t have to pay a fortune, make sure you get a dog bed made from good quality, durable materials. My dog sleeps inside so his bed is protected from the weather but it has lasted years.

If your dog is a destructive chewer, you will need to find the toughest bed there is for it to last as long as possible.​

  • Super tough material like a heavy woven, rip-stop, ballistics style fabric.
  • No tag or attachments that you dog can get a hold of to start the destruction.

How long will my dog bed last

This will depend on how much your dog uses their bed and how the bed is treated. Some dogs love to carry their beds around with them. Some outdoor dog bed are subject to the elements and some dogs love to put everything they find in their bed including sticks, toys, food. These things may reduce the time that the dog bed lasts. Look out for stitching and fabric damage, insulation loss or reduced cushion or just general wear and tear. These will be indicator of when it is time to get a new bed for your dog.

Not so for some dogs. Some are real chewers and it is a challenge getting a dog bed that will survive these dogs. A chew proof dog beds will feature:

What Is The Best Chew Proof Dog Bed?

Well, in my opinion, the best chew proof dog best is the K-9 Ballistics Cujo Cot. It is virtually indestructible and capable of resisting 99% of chewers, this is the ONLY bed suitable for a heavy chewer or destructive dogs.

Best dog bed

Designed for indoor or outdoor use, minimal assembly required. The frame is made from light weight 100% aluminum parts.

It is made from super durable 1680 denier Ripstop Ballistic Nylon cover resists chewing, scratching, water, hair, dirt, and odors, and can be easily wiped or hosed down; if removed from frame, bed sling can be machine-washed in cold water​

The fabric stretches tight to the edge of the bed so that your dog cannot find a place to start chewing

Best dog bed

The Cujo Cot is covered by our 120-Day Chew Proof Guarantee; if your dog damages the bed within the first 120 days, we'll replace the material free of charge​

K-9 Ballistics Dog Bed Size Chart

The Cujo Cot comes in sizes from Small to XX-Large and a multitude of colours.​

Best dog bed

The K-9 Ballistics Cujo Cot Reviews

The only negative reviews on the K-9 Ballistics Cujo Cot were NOT even related to the bed being chewed.  Come customers were concerned about the comfort of the bed as the fabric is quite tight and can be a little drummy. 

Nearly 95% of reviews were glowing about the quality and construction of the Cujo Cot. I think this bed is the best you will find if you are looking for a chew proof dog bed.

>>Check our prices for the K-9 Ballistics Cujo Cot on Amazon​

A Comfortable Chew Proof Dog Bed 

This K-9 Ballistics TUFF dog bed is very tough and chew resistant. It is not as tough as the Cujo Cot but offers some comfort and padding for your dog.

Best dog bed

​This dog bed is made from ballistic rip-stop fabric and suitable for moderate chewers. It is made from a durable hard wearing material which resists chewing, scratching, water, hair, dirt, and odors, and can be easily wiped down or machine-washed​. K-9 Ballistics have replaced zippers with a single industrial Velcro closure to eliminate any zipper-related emergency vet visits

Covered by our 90-Day Chew Proof Guarantee; if your dog damages the bed within the first 90 days​

Great for larger or older dogs as it has a 5" inch thick orthopedic mattress consists of a 1.5 inch layer of memory foam atop a 3.5 inch layer of dense support foam for optimal comfort​. It comes in a range of attractive colours and a variety of sizes.ere...

K-9 Ballistics Dog Bed Construction

Best dog bed

​>> Check out prices for the K-9 Ballistics Tuff Dog Bed on Amazon

If you haven't found a chew proof dog bed for your little Cujo yet, give K-9 Ballistics super tough dog beds a try.

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