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How to keep your high energy dog entertained

Do you have a crazy high energy dog? ... Me too....!!!!! 

My beautiful, playful, crazy Lakeland Terrier is 11 years old now and still has as much energy as a puppy.. well almost. 

Watch this video to see what he has started doing.....

I laugh every time I watch this... he really is a funny little fella. 

And the model wears....

Tiger always wear Ruff wear. His latest outfit is the Ruffwear Collar and Leash in Current. He can highly recommend this ensemble for both day wear and evening wear. If you want to be like Tiger, get yours check out the latest prices here

What are the notorious high energy dog breeds?

According to Animal Planet, the following are the most high energy breeds. If you choose cone of these, get ready for lots of exercise and entertainment.

Airedale Terrier.....  Lakeland Terrier

The Lakeland Terrier is often called the Miniature Airedale, so I'm lumping these two in together.   They are extremely intelligent but very head strong and really stubborn. Bred to chase small animal, these guys are bold, active and energetic.

​Australian Shepherd

This is an athletic dog of medium size. They are agile,  muscular and powerful enough to work all day, without sacrificing the speed and agility necessary to cope with bolting livestock

Border Collie

The most intelligent dog breed you will find. They combine grace, agility and stamina. The border collie is a bundle of mental and physical energy awaiting its chance to be unleashed on the world. 


​Bred to run for miles, the Dalmatian retains this tireless enthusiasm. It is a playful, eager companion that must get daily hard exercise

Siberian Husky​

Bred to run for miles, the Dalmatian has tireless enthusiasm. It is a playful, eager companion that must get lots of daily exercise​.


The Weimaraner is built to hunt large animals with great speed and endurance. They combines grace, stamina and intelligence. They love to run and hunt and can become frustrated and destructive if kept penned up. 

5 ways to keep your high energy dog entertained... and more

1. Lots of exercise

Lots or running or walking. Whether that be around the neighborhood, up in the mountain or at the beach. Where ever you live there is alway a place for you to exercise with your dog.

2. Interactive Toys

As well as physical exercise, tire you high energy dog our mentally. Hide their food in a toys that makes it difficult for them to get out or try a treat dispenser where you dog has to learn how to get the treat out.

3. Obedience training

Both physically and mentally challenging. A great way for you to bond with your dog also.

4. Something new

Take you dog to new places and new faces . Meet new people and new dogs. Change our environment, try hiking, your dog will love you for it.

5.​ Frozen treats

Frozen doggy treat ice block.  Fill a container with broth and treats and freeze until solid. Stir the container as it freezes so the treat stay in the middle and it takes longer for your dog to find them.

... More share 26 great ideas to relieve boredom in dogs. Try these to keep your high energy dog entertained.

Best toys to mentally stimuate your high energy dog

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What this video on the Trixie Dog Activity Flip board in action...!!!

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