Top 11 reasons why dogs are awesome

Top 11 reasons why dogs are awesome

For all you dog lovers out there, we already know why dogs are awesome. But for anyone else wondering, here are my top 11 reasons why dogs are awesome:

1. Our best friend

Dogs can be our constant companions. They are extremely loyal and always at our feet waiting for the next adventure. Whether it’s a walk down to the shop, a road trip or on holidays, they are there when we need a friend. They sit on the couch and reading a good book with us or snuggle in to watch a good movie. They keep us company when we might not feel like talking. They don’t get mad when we are grumpy or hold a grudge, they always come back to make us feel better.

2. Personal Trainer

It is so easy to not go for a walk or cancel a class if we don’t have an exercise partner to rely on. Dogs need daily exercise and we have a responsibility to ensure they stay happy and healthy. So, even if we don’t want to get out of bed, we know that our dogs need to get their exercise. I always feel better after PT Pooch gets me out for a walk.

For the love of dogs

3. Mental health

Dogs have an incredible effect on our moods. They add structure to our lives, require our care and companionship, they make us get outside in the fresh air and exercise. Spending time you’re your dog is said to decrease our stress levels by increasing the levels of dopamine and serotonin in our brains. These neurotransmitters are associated with pleasure and tranquility, so just as we take care of our dogs health and happiness, they take care of ours.

4. Physical Health

Studies show that quality time with your pup can lower blood pressure, and that means a lowered risk of heat disease. Some studies show that babies raised in families that have pets may be less likely to get allergies and asthma.

5. Making human friends

What better way to meet like-minded people than in the dog park or walking around dog friendly neighborhoods? My father has been known to borrow my dog on his morning walks to meet people. Next time you are feeling a bit lonely or looking to make new friend, take your furry little wing man along.

6. Working Dogs

I am always amazed at how skilled dogs are. Dogs work in many different environments including, farms, war zones, hospitals, airports, schools and police stations. There is no doubt that dogs have super powers. They are much better at some jobs than we are. It is usually their super nose that gives them the advantage, but some times it is just their love and loyalty that makes them the best dog for the job.

for the love of dogs

7. The Nanny

Dogs teach kids how to be kind and take care of others. They also teach them a sense of responsibility. Dogs rely on us humans to shelter and feed them and give them the love that they need. Owning and caring for a dog can greatly improve a child’s self esteem and best of all, a dog is just fun!

8. Protection

Dogs are always alert and know just what is going on around them. A dogs bark will deter a potential burglar. Although some breeds seem to be more suited to the task, most dogs will alert you to a stranger around the house. You may see dog’s bark at someone if they think their human is in danger. This is another great reason to take you dog with you when walking in dark or unfamiliar neighborhoods.

9. Lifesaver

There have been many stories of dogs saving people. Whether that be running to get help, like our old mate Lassie or dragging people out of swimming pools. Other ways that dogs can save our lives is but detecting cancer cells in humans or to provide a warning to people with epilepsy. More amazing working dogs!

10. Love

There is nothing better that seeing that tail wagging at you when you come home from work. Dogs know you are coming home and wait at the door in anticipation. At the end of the day, when they are tired, those big brown eyes and paw on your lap will melt your heart.

11. Or just for fun

Show your dog how you appreciate them and take them out for some fun. You may run and jump with them, laugh or play it doesn’t matter what you do, they will always play.

for the love of dogs

They really do add something that no one else can to our lives.

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