About Us

About Us

Puppies and dogs are a handful, but we love them. They are our best friends, our trusted work mates, our treasured companions, and for some, a real life line.

I’m Dee and my goal is to help you have the best life possible with your canine friend. Dogs are kind of like kids (albeit, furrier), and they require nurturing and care. If you have questions about your dog or getting a dog, I’m here to answer them!

You’ll find tons of useful pet care information, gear reviews for things I’ve been recommended or personally used, inspiring stories, and dog training tips.

I am not a dog care or training professional but simply love dogs. I seek advice from professionals and always recommend to ask your vet when it comes to health concerns.

The inspiration for this site is Tiger (learn more about him below), the scruffy little terrier that thinks he is 10 ft tall. He has been by my side for 11 years, and we’ve shared many adventures together!

Meet Tiger!

the dog effect

This is Tiger aka Tigey-meister aka Mutley. He’s an 11-year-old Lakeland Terrier and we live in Australia.

Tiger loves the beach, sleeping, and barking at the postie, motorbikes (especially Harleys), skateboards, the mop, the broom, the vacuum cleaner, scooters...pretty much everything.

Any question, comments or suggestions, please drop us a bone as we'd love to hear from you.

On this site, you may see links that enable you to purchase products. These are affiliate links. If you purchase through these links, I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. There is no obligation to buy through these links but, if you do, thank you!

Leave comments or send an email if there is anything dog-related you would like to learn more about.

TIger at the dog effect

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