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Best Clippers For Dogs With A Heavy Coat

It can be daunting to groom a dog with a heavy coat from home. You may be tempted to go through a professional groomer but  in some instances, this can traumatised your dog. If the groomer is rough or speaks harshly, your dog may start to resent the hair cutting process all together. 

What should you do if this happens? Well, with a little practice, clipping your dogs heavy coat at home can be easy, rewarding and save you a lot of dollars. Our friends at The Hair Clippers Club have put together some great tips on what the best clippers for dogs with a heavy coat should have.

Best Clippers For Dogs With A Heavy Coat

The Clipper Must Have Multiple Speeds

Poor quality clippers feature only one or two speeds. This limits your ability to cut your dog’s hair with precision. Go for a product with multiple speeds to get a customized cut and look. You can go for slow speeds when trimming the hair near the face and ears and a different speed when grooming other parts of the body. This way, you will have great control. 

Note that some of brands in the market are designed with speed to specifically cut thick hairs. The newest types have LED screen to allow the groomer to view the information on the speed. While they may be a more pricy than others, you are assured that you will achieve a perfect hair cut without hiccups.  

The Clipper Power Must Be Ideal

The power of a clipper is determined by the number of strokes that must be made when cutting dog’s hair. Particularly, it is measured through the strokes per minute (SPM). The clippers appropriate for dogs with a heavier coat should have the power of 3000 to 5000 SPM. The design should give you the liberty to switch the power based on the area of grooming. Lower settings are perfect for the sensitive areas, while higher power is needed for bulk trimming. 

The Blade Must Be Sharp

A blunt blade cannot cut the thick hair, instead it will pull the hairs and cause discomfort to the pet. The stainless steel blade is likely to give you a good service. It is strong and more often than not sharp. However, it tends to overheat quickly. Options such as ceramic blades can solve the problem. They are more expensive than the metallic type. Alternatively, go for the interchangeable blades to interchange them if one starts to heat up too much. The process of switching them must be straightforward if you settle for the best brands. 

It is also worth noting that some clippers have a self-sharpening blade feature. While you may still have to replace them eventually, you will always have the desirable sharpness for the thick hair. 

The Noise Must Be Minimal

It can take a long time to  groom a dog with a heavy coat. You do not want to make the process even harder by investing in cheap noisy clippers. The dog will become anxious, making it hard to get a good cut. At the same time, it is almost impossible to find an electronic clipper that does not produce noise.  Find a middle ground by considering the strokes per minute listed in the product. The minimal noise is produced by a clipper than has the least number of strokes.  

The Hair Clipper Must Have Different Comb Guides

Some breeds of dogs require a specific hair cut. You must have the right comb guides to achieve the desirable length. Always go for the clippers that come with a range of combs. 

The Cordless Types Are More Appropriate For the Restless Dogs

It will be difficult to keep an overly sensitive and restless dog in one place during the grooming process. Your dog will get to know  how long you take to get the right results but after some time, your dog will move around a lot and potentially stumble on the clipper cord. The cordless option eliminates this issue, giving you much more flexibility. Always ensure that the battery is powerful enough to last through the grooming process. 

The Hair Clippers Must Come With Accessories

For the perfect hair cut, go for the clippers that have accessories such as scissors, clips, and combs among other things. The best dealers will also offer you a manual so that you are guided on how to use and maintain the product. 

The Maintenance Should Be Easy

The hair clipper must be cleaned before and after use. Go for the clippers that can be cleaned with water for thorough cleaning. It is also important to find products that do not require excessive oiling and special care. 

Best Clippers For Dogs With A Heavy Coat

Beyond Finding the Right Hair Clippers

Once you have found the best hair clipper for your dog with a heavy coat, the next step is to start the grooming process. Keep the following issues in mind:

  1. Take caution when grooming dogs with a double coat. The coat is meant to protect the dog from pests, summer heat, and the cold winter. Find the ideal length of the hair cut by attaching the guide combs so that the dog will still get the necessary protection. Also, research on the type of cut that suits the breed.  
  2. Matted hair is difficult to work with. A dog that has a lot of hair is likely to have more matted hair than other breeds. Tangling will be inevitable as your dog plays. You can use detangling conditioner and combs or cut out some tangles with scissors before using the clippers. Otherwise, you may end up pulling the hair.  
  3. Use the right direction. To keep the hair looking neat, you must first determine the direction in which the dog’s hair is growing. The thick lines left behind after clipping in the wrong direction are more apparent in dogs with a heavy coat. If you are not experienced in using the clippers, follow the direction in which the hair grows and practice, practice, practice.

Clearly, hair clippers for dogs with a heavy coat must be chosen carefully. The design should give you the flexibility needed to get a precise cut. Doing proper research and finding help from grooming professionals is vital. 

Grooming your dog can be a lot of fun and save you a lot of money.  Don't get discouraged at first, it does take practice and becomes very rewarding. For help on other items to help groom your dog, go to our article on 7 Must Have Items To Groom Your Dog

Best Clippers For Dogs With A Heavy Coat

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