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Best pet camera for doggy surveillance or just because you love them

Buying a camera so that I can say hi to my dog during the day doesn't sound that strange and unusual to me...  but others think Im just crazy, however, I know that you fellow dog lovers will totally understand.

I often just want to have a look and see if he's sleeping, whether he ate all his breakfast or not, is he playing with that new toy, is he chasing the cat?  Does your dog jump on your bed during the day when he knows he's not allowed? Is the cat tormented by the dog? Is it your dog that is barking all day at the window or not?

Best pet camera

Not only can you get your puppy fix when ever you wish, you can set up a nanny cam or pet surveillance camera to help you solve all kinds of mysteries. 

Like this talented little doggo. Her owners were receiving noise complaints about their dog while they were not home. A pet camera found this clever little pooch banging out some tunes. Once the problem is discovered, a solution can be found. Perhaps just leaving the piano lid down will limit little Mozarts piano playing sessions.

Another cheeky pooch was discovered have a great time scavenging for food while their owners were at work. 

Whether you need to do some investigative work or you just want to see what your little fluff-ball is up to all day, a pet camera can be a great little tool. They are generally easy to use and can provide hours of enjoyment, even while you are supposed to be working (sorry boss).

What is the best pet camera?

There are several versions of the pet camera and they all have various features that you may wish to consider. Some will stream to your smart phone or computer, some come with motion sensors, some have sound, night vision, recordings,  two-way communications. Whatever features you are looking for, we have put together a few of the best pet cameras for you to consider when looking for the best pet camera.

1. Furbo Dog Camera

Not only is the Furbo Dog Camera a beautifully designed pet camera, not only does it have two-way communication, barking alert and night vision, you can ask it to throw out a treat to your dog on command... yes way!!!

Best pet camera
Best pet camera

Once you have your Furbo, simpky download the Furbo app in either Android or iOS  to receive video live streaming of your dog at home. Although not HD, the video is clear enough and works well in low light. The Furbo has sound recording which picks up most noises in the house as well as speakers for two-way comms which can send out alerts to your dog. A great feature is the bark alert. The sound recorder picks up if your dogs is barking and sends you a notification. You can then talk to your dog to divert their attention or throw them a treat.   The Furbo can hold up to 100 of the correct sized treats to be dispensed at your will. The Furbo can also sync with Amazon Alexa for preset voice commands.

And, just because I am little obsessed with cute dogs and cool gadgets, here's another great video of the Furbo.

2.  Pet Cube Bites

The Pet Cube Bites is another great pet camera. It is a wi-fi pet camera which has a treat dispenser, two-way comms and night vision. However, the Pet Cube has a high definition 1080p video, 138˚wide-angle view and a 3x digital zoom. 

Best pet camera

This camera also has a dispenser to fling treats to your pet remotely, from your phone. It has a high capacity up to 2 lb container, the smaller the treat the more are dispensed up to 5 at one time. Sound alerts can get your furry friend off the couch to hear you talking via the two-way audio. Petcube cameras also work with Amazon Alexa (optional add-on feature), so you can use voice commands to activate autoplay games with your pet. 

Here's a great video from Pet Cube showing how the pet camera can keep both you and your dog entertained all day:

3. Pet Chatz HD

The Petchatz HD Camera unique feature is the two-way video and audio, so not only can you see your dog, your dog can see you via the PetChatz app on iOS or Android. The PetChatz attaches neatly to your wall and has a pet safe design with rounded corners with no chewable attachments.

Best pet camera

Another cool feature is that the video recording function which allows you to review, share and watch your dogs antics over and over again.  Another unique feature of the Pet Chatz is the soothing scent that it releases to calm an anxious or nervous dog. In additional to all those cool features,  you can add the PawCall ... wait for it... so your dog can call you!! Yes call you, just watch.......

3. Dog IP Pet Camera

The last one in our review is the cute and very inexpensive pet camera camera called the Dog IP Pet Camera. Even thought this one is cheap it does come with lots of features like face to face visual with 4 times digital zoom, HD 720, wide angle, pan and tilt and even records onto micro SD card. It has night vision up to 10m. The two-way audio lets you remotely talk and listen to your dog. 

Best pet camera

The Dog IP camera may not have a treat dispenser or a screen sos that your dog can see you but if you are wanting to give remote monitoring a go and want an affordable option, then this one may be the best pet camera for you.

Overall, a pet camera is really just piece of mind in knowing that you dog in not pining all day and fretting while you are away. Most dogs are quite content and sleep most of the time and with a pet camera you can be sure that your dog is OK. 

Have you ever said "I'd better go home and check on the dog?" well now you don't have to leave the party early, just check the camera and stay for another round. Unless, like me, you just want to leave the party to hang out with your dog.

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