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Can Dogs Eat Edamame Beans

For those who love japanese food, you may be familiar with Edamame beans. The bright green pod filled with delicious beans, generally steamed and served covered in salt. Unlike the first time I had  edamame, you don't eat the pod, rather just squeeze the bean into your mouth. 

Can dogs eat edamame

What are edamame beans?

Edamame are a young soy bean, picked young and left in the shell.  Edamame are generally sweeter and more tender due to being picked young. There are served as a starter or appetizer in Japanese cuisine. 

Edamame beans are rich in plant protein, fiber and nutrients including folate, manganese and phosphorous. They also have good quantities of Omega 3 and 6 which can help decrease the risk of obesity, diabetes, and promote healthy hair and skin growth.

Are Edamame toxic to dogs?

Edamame is not toxic to dogs. People often as about feeding their dog the shell or pods as it seems wasteful to throw them away. The pods are not toxic to dogs, they are just tough. We don't eat the pods for this reason but you never know, your dog may like them. 

How to feed my dog Edamame?

If you want to try feeding your dog edamame, the rule is trial and moderation. As with any treat or food that is different in your dogs regular diet, give your dog a small amount and see how they react. 

If feeding your dog the beans or the pods, leave them fresh, steamed and cooled and without any additives like salt. Your dog does not need salt in their diet.

Can dogs eat edamame

Health factors of Edamame beans for dogs

Edamame is a wonderful whole food with little or no procesingd food and has the following health benefits for your dog. Pets Consider talks extensively about the health benefits of Edamame for dogs and includes:

Cholesterol and heart health

Soy products assist with a significant reduction in bad cholesterol and triglycerides and may be a benefit for dogs with high cholesterol. Having lower cholesterol increased fiber, healthy fats, and isoflavones in edamame beans lower your dog’s risk of heart disease. These  will help to battle plaque buildup in your dogs veins and arteries by helping blood vessels to relax reduce  blood clots that can lead to heart attack or stroke.

Weight management

Edamame are high in dietary fiber which  benefits dogs with weight management and can help with weight loss. Fiber will make your dog feel full without the calories and with many dogs now overweight it will help to prevent overeating and obesity. Edamame also contains healthy fats like omega-3 can help to decrease obesity and diabetes.


Don't forget, dogs can be allergic or sensitive to many foods, even if they aren't toxic to most dogs and this can include soy. Test food out on your dogs in small amounts. If your dog  suffers from diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, bloating, or gas. Either reduce the amount and provide water . If this persists, don't feed your dog the beans.

​So, can dogs eat Edamame?

Yes, dogs can eat Edamame beans! BUT, always in moderation and test a small amount before feeding lots of these beans. Just like us, your dog can be sensative to some foods. 

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Can dogs eat edamame

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Can dogs eat edamame

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