How Can I Stop My Dog Eating So Fast

How Can I Stop My Dog Eating So Fast

I recently posted on our Facebook page this photo by @ohmydoggies and was surprised at the amount of interest. 

How Can I Stop My Dog Eating So Fast

I have never had to worry about my dog, Tiger,  eating too fast or gulping down his food. Tiger is a grazer and can have biscuits in his bowl all day. He often comes down at midnight and has a munch.

Why do some dogs eat fast

Some people think that eating fast may be a result of come from a large litter. Food becomes a  competition between all the puppies so rushing to eat ensures that the fastest eater gets the most food.  

For other dogs, it could be a breed trait. There are some breeds that are renowned for eating fast, like Labradors.

Maybe some dogs just LOVE food!!!!

What is wrong with dogs eating fast 

There are a few reasons why eating fast can be a problem for your dog.

1. Chocking

Dog's who eat fast and gulp down food do not chew their food.  By not chewing, your dog may be at risk of choking. The larger pieces of food may get lodged in your dog's throat and prevent him from breathing or create discomfort.

2. Aggression​

Have you seen dog's growl at someone that comes too close to their food bowl. Dogs that eat fast may be doing this to stop others from taking their food. They become protective and aggressive with their food. 

This can be dangerous, especially for small children as they do not understand dog behavior or foresee the consequences. Dog may lash out and bite.

3. Bloating

Fast eating and drinking can cause your dog to bloat. The gulping behavior takes in large amounts of air along with the food. The air causes the belly to bloat and swell. When this happens the stomach can twist and restrict the intestines. Besides causing your dog intense pain, your dog can quickly go into shock and die. Surgery will be required to rectify this painful condition if you get help in time.

How Can I Stop My Dog Eating So Fast

It will be very hard to stop your dog from slowing down their eating. You could try feeding smaller portions more often or spreading food in different locations.

Alternatively, there are now some ingenious dog food bowls that make dogs slow down.

These bowls make your dog work a little harder for their food. This slowing down will help prevents your dog from gulping air and potentially getting very sick.

Outward Hound Fun Feeder

The Outwards Hound Fun Feeder is available in 3 bright colors, Green, Pink and Orange and 3 unique designs.

How Can I Stop My Dog Eating So Fast

The Fun Feeder has a slip-resistant base to prevent sliding and food spillage. They are dishwasher safe and BPA, PVC & phthalate free. There are two sizes, the Mini (2 cups) and regular (4 cups).

The Outward Hound Fun Feeder is said to make dogs eat 10 times​ slower.

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