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How To Treat Dogs With Worms At Home?

A worm infestation can make your dog very unhappy and in some cases, like heartworm, can even cause death. It is very important to know how to treat dogs with worms at home to ensure they are well looked after and stay happy and healthy. Dogs are a great place for worms to hang out and […]


How to stop my dog from eating poop

Is your dog eating his own poop in the backyard or digging up poop on their walk? My friend’s dog used to eat cat poop while sniffing in gardens. Before you knew it she was chomping on poop and the last thing you want to do was dig it out of her mouth… OK enough of that. Why […]


Natural treatments for dogs with arthritis

Are you concerned that your dog is showing signs of joint pain and perhaps worries he may be developing symptoms of arthritis? Arthritic dogs tend to be older and heavier but this is not always the case so don’t rule it out if your dog is younger. Bone and joint problems can seriously impact quality of […]


Natural Treatment For Cushings Disease in Dogs

Cushing’s Disease can be fatal. If your dog suffers, learn about what it is, the natural treatment for Cushing’s Disease in dogs so that your dog can live a happier life.Our endocrine system is made up of glands that are located throughout the body to releasing hormones. One of these are the Adrenal Glands which […]


Find out how rawhide chews are poisoning your dog

Do you know which rawhide is poisoning your dog? But first, lets learn more about rawhide.What is Rawhide?The rawhide that we give to our dogs to chew is made from dried animal skin. The Rawhide chew is a hard dried animal skin that slowly softens with your dog drool as he chews. Most dogs love a […]


Home remedies for ear infections in dogs

Flap Flap Flap…!!!!!! Heard this before?Isn’t it extremely frustrating to see your dog suffering from ear pain or irritation. My dog has fluffy ear canals and from time to time suffers from ear irritation. This persistent irritation can indicate a foreign body in the ear canal or an ear infection. Ear infection in dogs seems to be […]


Raw food diet for dogs – pros and cons

Are you interested in the Raw Diet for dogs debate? I feed my dog, Tiger, a dry kibble supplemented with some raw vegetables, fruit or meat usually after we have a staring competition in the kitchen.  My friend feeds her Sheepdog a semi-raw diet, and it started to intrigue me as to the benefits and opinions […]


How To Treat Urinary Tract And Bladder Infection In Dogs

Is your dog in pain when peeing. Your dog may need your help.  Read how to tell if your dog needs help and why it is so important to treat urinary tract and bladder infection in dogs.A colleague at work was recently telling me about how his dog, Ruff, was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. His […]


Best dry dog food on the market for large and small breeds

​Do you want to give your dog the healthiest and nutritious food you can to ensure your best friend stays in good condition and is as happy and healthy as possible? .. but how do we know what makes good quality dog food…? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates dog food but there is no […]


Can dogs eat apples, the whole apple?

Whether you are looking for a healthier treat for your dog or perhaps he needs to shed a few pounds.  Fruit and vegetables can provide a great alternative to store bought or fatty dog treats.  Fruit and vegetable for dogs provide a low calories, tasty​, crunchy and delicious treat.  Top 10 fruit and vegetables to feed […]

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