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Best Dog Chew Toys For Aggressive Chewers

Are you being driven crazy by your dog chewing everything in site? Does your dog destroy their toys almost immediately or are you looking for a toy that will keep your dog’s mind active as well as his jaw?We totally understand!! We have put together loads of information on the why’s and what’s of aggressive […]


Best Christmas Gifts For Dogs in 2017

It’s that time of the year again. Yes, time to think about what you are going to buy your dog this Christmas. If your dog mean the world to you and your family? Show them how much you care these holidays. Choose from a selection of the best Christmas gifts for dogs in 2017.  1. Benebone […]


11 Cool Tech Gadgets for Dog Lovers

We are surrounded by iPods,  iPhone, Go-Pro, drones and all kinds of automated tech gadgets and gizmos to keep us up with the latest advancements in technology, it is only natural that our pets are now coming along for the ride. There is now a huge selection of technology gadgets available for your pets from talking […]


17 of the Best Gifts For Dogs This Christmas 2016

Does your dog mean the world to you and your family? Show them how much you care these holidays with the one of these must have, most popular and best gifts for dogs this Christmas. 1. Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy This #1 best seller is a patented ergonomic design that allows your dog to […]


Best selling cuddly squeaky toy for dogs and puppies

Why do dogs love soft squeaky toys so much? Soft plush toys are often given to puppies to keep them company after they leave their mothers.  The new puppy can snuggle up to the soft toy to feel  safe and secure in their new and unfamiliar home.  Squeaky toys are designed more to excite and intrigue […]


Why doesn’t my terrier destroy this dog chew toy?

Does your terrier destroy very toy in site? So why won’t my terrier destroy this dog chew toy?Over the past 10 years, my Lakeland Terrier has destroyed dozens (and dozens) of toys. He can surgically remove squeakers, tear the arms and legs off stuffed animals to remove their insides  and nibble soft rubber chews into a thousand […]


The best interactive toy for playful and curious dogs

One of the main stressors for many dogs is idle and lonely time at home.  Dogs need and deserve exercise, stimulating interaction and a dose of fun each day.Dogs without this will develop behavioral problems and become destructive and annoying.   If you have an inquisitive and playful dog, you will need to keep his brain active and occupiedBoredom and […]


The Game Changer in games for bored dogs

Dogs get bored, just like we do. Dogs want to be a part of the pack, a part of your family. They want to work and play and have fun.If your dog doesn’t have things around him to keep his mind active, interested and alert, you may find your dog becoming destructive. Or worse, just […]


Indestructible toys for dogs that chew

Chewing is very important for your dog’s mental and dental health. It keeps their mind occupied, teeth clean and body exercised.I have been really lucky with my dog, Tiger. When he was a puppy, I was extremely vigilant in making sure that he always had something to chew on. I really believe that this stopped  any destructive behavior. Chewing […]

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