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Best Harness For Dogs That Pull 2018

Are you frustrated trying to walk your dog on a lead? Does your dog pull on the leash, walk in front of you, take off in his own direction? Your pain is real and we have put lots of research into helping you get your dog to walk nicely and to stop dragging you down […]


Find The Best Indestructible Dog Crate For Your Boisterous Pup

Are you getting a new pup, brushing up on dog training or just need a super strong cage to transport your dog around? Then you have probably come across loads of articles about dog crates, crate training, puppy spaces… Yep! It can get all a little confusing.   Whether you are a fan of crating your […]


Don’t buy an e-collar until you read what is the best training dog collar

As much as we love our dogs sometimes we can be at our wits end with the digging, constant barking or your furniture getting chewed. Worse still, you dog may be putting themselves in danger by eating poison or running on the road. Training our dogs is our responsibility. A well trained dog will be happier, […]


How To Potty Train A Puppy, FAST!!

​HELP..!!!!! I hear you say. Are you at your wits end? Have you just bought your puppy back inside and he pees on the floor, AGAIN? Desperate for some puppy potty training advice. Lets start here….. The ups and downs of puppy potty training… just when you think you have it nailed, you find a puddle in […]


What Makes The Best Dog Treats and Why

Dog treats are treats and just that.  Dog treats should be used to reinforcement positive behavior. Using a delicious dog treat rewards your dog for good behavior and is a little expression of love that your dog has done the right thing.  It is a critical part of dog training.  In fact, treats can actually be anything […]


Top Tips to Mountain Bike With Dogs

Do you have an energetic dog that needs lots of exercise, or are looking for a way to spend more time.. and wear out… with your athletic dog. I might just have a solution for you. Mountain Biking… with your dog!! Mountain biking is the extremely popular sport these day. Mountain bikes are specially designed to enhance […]


Does a service dog have to wear a service dog vest?

A service dog or assistance dog is specially trained to help people who have disabilities. These disabilities may include visual impairment, hearing impairments, mental illnesses including post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), seizure disorder, mobility impairment, or diabetes. For a dog to be a service dog it generally requires a good temperament and health. Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, […]


9 Ways To Entertain A Bored Dog While You’re At Work

I wish I could just stay at home and hang out with my dog all day.   Unfortunately, the boss doesn’t seem to like it very much most of us inevitably have to leave our dogs at home by themselves while we go to work.  It’s not all such a bad thing. Dogs need their alone time […]


How to stop my dog from eating poop

Is your dog eating his own poop in the backyard or digging up poop on their walk? My friend’s dog used to eat cat poop while sniffing in gardens. Before you knew it she was chomping on poop and the last thing you want to do was dig it out of her mouth… OK enough of that. Why […]


7 of the best dog gates for the house to suit all dogs

Do you need to separate your dog from certain areas of the house. Perhaps you have new puppy or new baby? Or does pooch not understand that he doesn’t have free run of the house yet? If you are looking for the best dog gates for the house you have come to the right place.  There […]


9 Steps On How To House Train A Dog

The ups and downs of puppy potty training… just when you think you have it nailed, you find a puddle in the hallway. Keep reading on the 9 top tips on how to house train a dog. It took Tiger, my stubborn terrier about 12 months before he totally stopped wee-ing in the house. ​Not because […]


How to keep your dog off the couch?

Why do dogs like sitting on the furniture? Tiger assuming the position…. Same reasons we do… It’s comfortable!!We also have a great perspective from up thereYour dog is copying what you are doing.They get attention from you when they are on the furnitureIt might relieve pain from sore jointsFloor can be hard and cold Your dog creates […]


Best dog and puppy training books

Training your dog should be a huge part of yours and your dog’s life, particularly  in the first few months. We must teach our dogs how to be a well-behaved puppy so they grow into a happy and healthy dog. Training provides your dog with important skills like housetraining, leash training, obedience training, crate training, socializing, tricks and […]

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