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Desperate For A Dog But Can’t Have One?

Are you desperate for a dog but know that you can't or shouldn't get one. Are you looking for that unconditional love that only a dog can give or someone that always wants to spend time with you. A jogging partner perhaps? 

Desperate for a dog

Why can't I have a dog?

There are many of us that desperately want a dog but for for many reasons can not. Some of the reasons that many people don't get a dog include:

  • Allergies to dogs
  • ​Work long hours and am never home
  • Love to travel and spend too much time away
  • Don't have a yard 
  • Rental house doesn't allow dogs
  • Can't afford a dog right now

Sometime we need to look at different breeds of dogs that suit different situations. We may also need to look at our work life balance or our lifestyle. 

The benefits of owning a dog

​A dog can add so much to our lives including improving our health. Dogs have been known to help prevent depression, heart disease and can aid weight loss to name a few. Dogs provide companionship, friendship and can even be life savers

How to enjoy a dog even if you can't have one

Regardless of your situation and living arrangement, I have put together ways that you can spend more time with a dog even if you can't have a dog of your own to enjoy full time.

Desperate for a dog

1. Dog sitting 

​One of the big considerations when getting a dog is, what to do with your dog when you go away. Options include leaving dogs with a family member or at a kennel. Both of these are not always the best option. Talk to friends and neighbours that have dogs and offer your services. Have their dogs come to stay with you and see what it is like to have a dog of your own. 

2. House sitting 

If you can't have a dog come to you, then go tot he dog. Register for a house sitting service and request houses that include dog sitting. You will get a short break from home and get to spend some quality time with someone else's dog. One of my favourite services is Trusted House Sitters. They specialise in house and pet sitting all over the world. You can choose something in your neighbourhood or across the globe. Tie in a holiday with playing with dogs all day long.

3. Walk the neighbours dog

Many people with dogs would jump at the chance for you to walk or play with their dog. The daily walk sometimes get monotonous, especially once kids, jobs and other commitments come along.  Talk to your friends and neighbours and offer your dog walking and playing services. 

4. Visit a shelter​ 

Dogs at shelters can always use an extra hug and a long walk until their find a forever home. Call your local dog rescue or shelter and ask about opportunities to look after the dogs. I recently visited the Kauai Human Society in Hawaii who had a fantastic program of taking shelter dogs on field trips. Not only does this give the dog a fantastic day out it advertises the dog to potential new forever homes.

5. Dog parks and cafes

Before I got a dog, I used to stalk other dog owners. Yes, some people though I was a bit weird but what a great way to interact with dogs and learn a little about dog behavior. Many towns have dog parks and beaches where you will find any number of dogs and breeds to play with.

6. Part time job at a doggy day care

Doggy day care facilities are becoming enormously popular as we get busier and busier. If you can't have a dog of your own, consider getting a job that allows you to spend time with someone else's dog. 

Dogs can add so much to our lives and really are fantastic company. If you are desperate for a dog but can't have one right now, try one of these ways to spend more time with dogs.


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