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What is the best car seat cover for dogs

best car seat cover for dogs

​At The Dog Effect, we love promoting way to get your dog out of house or back yard and go on adventures together.

That may mean hiking or paddle boarding or taking your dog on holidays with you. Depending on where you live, you will undoubtedly need to drive to your destination much of the time.

My dog is a Lakeland Terrier, so he doesn't loose a lot of hair but he does tend to collect a lot of sand when his fur is longer.  If you are swimming or running along river banks, your dog will most probably have muddy paws and collect sticks and twigs in his coat. After all that fun, I can also guarantee some quality drool.

I have discovered some great products for keeping all of that sand, sticks, muddy paw prints and drool off your car upholstery and onto a specially designed  dog car seat protector.

What to look for in a quality dog car seat protector​

When buying gear for your dog I always like to recommend going for quality gear​. It will last longer and generally give you better results.

1. Quality​

​Car seat covers need to be made from a strong material so that your dog's claws don't rip holes in the fabric.  Look for strong stitching and attachments.

2. Durable

The dog car seat cover should be durable, weather proof and most importantly I would recommend water proof.  Not only to keep your dog's drool from wetting the seat but this will allow you to hose it clean after your trip. If your seat cover is machine washable, all the better.

3. Easy to install

This goes without saying. You don't want to have an engineering degree to put install the car seat protector.  Quick and easy installation will ensure you get more time away that sitting in your garage trying to work out up from down.

4. Warranty

I like to see companies offer good warranties for their products. If it is a good quality product, the manufacturer should be confident enough to offer you a good warranty.

What is the best car seat cover for dogs

There are many car seat protectors to choose from, but I like to go for one that popular and has consistently good review. Some of the best that I have found include:

1. Plush Paws Pet Seat Cover Waterproof

Plush Paws doggy car seat covers come highly recommended and have excellent reviews .  Very easy to use and keeps the car sand and dirt free. Here are some of the features:

best car seat cover for dogs
  • Designed to defend typical damage that dogs inflict. 
  • Non Slip Silicon Backing. Premium material for anti-slip (Safer than Rubber) Padded & Quilted
  • Climate Tolerant backing will not disintegrate in your Car like Rubber. Seat belt Openings with Velcro closure. Extra Elastic straps for Snug fit! 
  • Quick release buckles & reinforces pressure points
  • Easy and simple installation  takes less than one minute installation
  • Made of impermeable material that shields seats from spills and keeps your car interior in excellent condition
  • Genuine Lifetime Warranty.

Easy clean and care

best car seat cover for dogs

Attachments and openings

best car seat cover for dogs

2. Elegance Linen Quilted Car Seat Cover

I have included this seat cover for dogs as it also have fantastic reviews and is a nice alternative to those who are wanting to colour code the cover to their car interior.  The Elegance Linen dog seat cover is made from a quilted microfibre material which is a bit more luxurious for those well behaved travellers. The manufacturer tells us that it will wash clean even after the dirtiest of dogs.

best car seat cover for dogs
  • Quilted microfibre fabric
  •  100% waterproof  backing liner
  • Machine washable and easy to wipe down 
  • Seat cover is 55" wide. If your seat is between 50-58", then it should work great. 
  • Elegance Linen - High Quality and has a breathable weave

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