Why doesn't my terrier destroy this dog chew toy?

Why doesn’t my terrier destroy this dog chew toy?

Does your terrier destroy very toy in site? So why won't my terrier destroy this dog chew toy?

Over the past 10 years, my Lakeland Terrier has destroyed dozens (and dozens) of toys. He can surgically remove squeakers, tear the arms and legs off stuffed animals to remove their insides  and nibble soft rubber chews into a thousand pieces.

terrier destroy this dog chew toy

In a previous post you can read all about why dogs chew and information on:

  • Why they chew all the wrong things
  • How to encouraging good chewing behaviour
  • How to distract your dog from being destructive
  • The dangers of chewing

And see the list of some hard to destroy dog toys for destructive chewers.

I try different toys all the time and have stopped buying soft toys all together. His latest chew toy was an indestructible rubber chew that lasted 5 minutes flat.  Even though he is small, he has typical large terrier teeth and terrier tenacity.

SO...... why doesn't my little 18 pounds of fury destroy the "Chicken Leg"

I have read reviews on this toy and found some dogs did, in fact, destroy the toy within minutes. But not Tiger!  Why? Perhaps it is because....

  • The toy is made from a reasonably strong rubber material.
  • It is hollow and provides a strong rebound effect when he chews it.​
  • Maybe it smells nice or he just likes it - a lot!​

He often chews rubber balls and he seems to love that bouncy rebound effect. He can do it for hours it seems. The rebound effect excercises the jaw in an interactive way. When he bites down it bounces back into shape.

I really think that is the reason that this chicken leg has lasted so long. 

If you have a terrier a bit like Tiger, give the "Chicken Leg" a try. I can't promise anything but it is one of the only toys that he hasn't destroyed.

The Four Paws Rough & Rugged toys are made with the highest grade of rubber and filled with unique polymers to give extra bounce. Virtually indestructible. The toy as varying textures to promote gum and dental health and are available pre-assorted in three colors including purple, green and orange.

Dog Beds For Aggressive Chewers

Agressive chewers often destroy all sorts of things, even their beds. Look for tough dog beds made with super strong fabric with no tabs or tags that your dog can start destructuve behavior.  Here are some tips to getting a great dog bed for you tough chewer. 

Crate Training For Strong Chewers

If you have a strong dog and wish to crate train, then you will need a really strong crate. Strong dogs can latch onto any little piece and start to tear things to pieces. We did a round up of the strongest crates to train your dog.

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